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Get started with a Genetic Counselling consultation

Pre-conception genetic screening allows you to make informed choices as you grow your family. Whether you're planning a pregnancy, have experienced challenges in the past, or are already expecting, our Genetic Counsellors are here to guide you at every step of the way. 

Embark on an empowering journey with a supportive Genetic Counselling consultation. Through the convenience of telehealth appointments, we offer a safe and accessible space to explore the best genetic carrier screening test tailored to your unique needs.  

Helping you make the best decision

If you’ve had a previous pregnancy affected by a chromosomal or genetic variation, or you know you have a family history of a genetic condition, it’s important to discuss this at your first appointment. Our Genetics team plays an important role in assessing genetic risks, and helping you understand test results and implications.

In some cases we are able to provide reassurance through genetic counselling and testing, in others we can discuss reproductive options such as PGT (Pre-implantation Genetic Testing) as part of IVF treatment, or the use of donors.

Why have genetic screening before pregnancy?

The ideal time for genetic counselling is when you are planning for a pregnancy. Screening before becoming pregnant gives couples the widest array of reproductive options.   

People often have no knowledge that they are carriers of a genetic condition. In fact, 80% of babies born with an inherited genetic condition had no family history of it. Reproductive carrier screening looks for genetic variants in a person’s genes that may cause a health condition. The results provide information for couples about the chance of having a child with a genetic condition, before falling pregnant. This testing is safe and reliable, and can be performed either by blood test or on a cheek swab.  

Our highly qualified and compassionate Genetic Counsellors can discuss all screening options, either for a specific condition or for chromosomal variations, to minimise the chance of passing on a genetic condition to your child.  

Oftentimes, screening will result in peace-of-mind. Other times, it can provide invaluable information to empower you with reproductive choice.  

No matter what the result is, we’re here to support you at every step. 

Our clinical genetic team will:  

  • Identify potential genetic health risks 
  • Provide information about those conditions and inheritance patterns 
  • Discuss genetic testing options 
  • Help you understand genetic results 
  • Provide both logistical and emotional support during your decisions and treatment 
  • Liaise with your other healthcare providers to ensure your genetic information is considered beyond fertility treatment 

How much does Genetic Counselling cost?

We offer genetic counselling as part of the testing package for carrier screening and in other tests for those where a genetic finding is reported. For complex cases requiring more than two appointments a follow up fee of $100 applies.

For new assessments for patients who haven’t seen one of our fertility specialists at Virtus Health there may be an appointment fee of $150

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Carrier Screening Options

There are a range of carrier screening options, and during the Genetic Counselling Service appointment, our Genetic Counsellors can discuss which test is relevant for you.  

Learn all about pre-conception genetic screening here.

Meet our experts

The Virtus Genetics team includes dedicated Clinical Geneticists, Genetic Counsellors and Pathology team, specialising in reproductive genetics to give Australian couples the best possible chance of having a healthy family.  As part of Virtus Health, one of the largest Assisted Reproductive Services providers in the world, we can provide you with access to not only leading genetic testing but also a wide range of fertility expertise and resources.