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Our Virtus Genetics Team

As a part of Virtus health we have long history of creating healthy families. Virtus is internationally a leading fertility service provider with nearly 40 years of providing fertility and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) services.

Virtus has IVF clinics across Australia, Asia and Europe and providing quality genetics services is a major part of creating healthy families. Virtus has been a world leading provider of preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) of embryos used by families at an increased risk of having children with a genetic condition. PGT involves screening embryos prior to pregnancy.

Our genetic services include a world leading PGT, karyotyping and molecular laboratory allowing us important insights in the genetic health of individuals. couples and their children.

To support our fertility specialists, laboratory and wider community we have clinical genetics team providing the testing and patient care to support our IVF patients as well people in the community to access our tests and provide expert, up to date advice on management and helping individuals and families make reproductive choices for achieving a healthy family.

Our Genetics team plays an important role in assessing any genetic consequences, and helping you understand test results and implications. In some cases we are able to provide reassurance through counselling and testing, in others we can look at possible treatment options such as IVF and PGD, donor treatments, or further testing, and their implications.