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Endometrial Receptivity Analysis ERA

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis ERA

The ERA test determines the window of implantation - the precise time when the endometrium is receptive.

The ERA test resulted in a 73% pregnancy rate in patients with implantation failure.

Three tests are available through Virtus Genetics.    Consult your healthcare profession for the right test for you. 

Endometrial Receptivity Analysis
Determines the window of implantation ERA establishes the time when the endometrium is receptive, and reports the optimal time for personalized embryo transfer.

Analysis of Infectious, Chronic Endometritis, Detects pathogenic bacteria
ALICE detects chronic endometritis, a condition affecting 30% of infertile patients that is linked to implantation failure and recurrent miscarriage.

Endometrial Microbiome, Metagenomic Analysis, Indicates the endometrial microbiome balance
EMMA provides information on the proportions of healthy endometrial bacteria, including those linked to higher pregnancy rates. Includes ALICE




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