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Medical Genetic Advisory Services


Medical Genetic Advisory Services

Virtus Genetics offers a comprehensive, National Genetics Advisory Service.

We are fortunate to have Specialist Clinical Geneticists and Specialist Genetic Counsellors who are available to discuss a range of genetic testing, interpretation of results and offer advice on your reproductive choices. 

If you are a patient at one of our IVF Clinics , you can contact the clinic by phoning 1800 111 483 alternatively click on the clinic below to make an enquiry.  

IVF Australia        Melbourne IVF         Queensland Fertility Group (QFG)          TasIVF 


Patients who are referred to Virtus Genetics for any Genetic testing are more than welcome to contact our National Genetics Advisory Services.   See below for contact details.

Indications for a referral to a Clinical Geneticist include:

congenital malformations detected inutero and post delivery
chromosome abnormalities, balanced translocations, robertsonian translocations, microdeletions/duplications
developmental delay and intellectual impairment
syndrome diagnosis
sensiorineural hearing loss
family history of genetic diseases
familial cancer syndromes
preconception screening

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